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Epsilon Delta is a studio devoted to developing high-quality software and Web sites. Our founder and senior software engineer, David M. Anderson, has been programming professionally for nearly thirty years on platforms ranging from mainframes to mobile phones, and everything in between, including Linux and Windows PCs, game consoles, and set-top boxes.
E-mail: dma@epsilondelta.us
Telephone: 425-753-5687 (USA)
David M. Anderson's résumé and gallery of professional projects.
The C++ library libEpsilonDelta: classes and routines for general programming, mathematics, astronomy, calendars, and games. On GitHub.
World Wide Calendar, a site devoted to calendars of the world. AJAX-driven, using a C++ FastCGI service providing astronomical and algorithmic calendrical computation. Source code on GitHub
Simple Stats, an Android app that makes common statistical tests easy. Source code on GitHub
Course materials for Gameplay in HTML5, the first course in the Certificate in Game Development for Mobile and the Web program of the University of Washington, Professional & Continuing Education.