Gameplay in HTML5: Homework #1

Getting started with the Web

  1. Create a new directory for this assignment. All files will go in this directory.
  2. Download modernizr.js and jquery.js, put them someplace central and permanent (e.g. /usr/local/share/javascript, and make a symbolic link to them in the directory you just created. (If your operating system does not support links, you will need to put copies of these files in your directory, but please do not include them in the archive you submit to the instructor.)
  3. Create index.html, the HTML for a Web page. Give it these elements: Put a script tag in the head to load modernizr.js.
    Put a script tag at the end of the body to load jquery.js.
    Load this page in a browser, checking that the header and buttons are as you expect. Use the browser's debugger to check that the scripts loaded.
  4. Create App.js, which will have the main code for our Web app.
  5. At the end of the body of index.html, add a script tag to include App.js.
    Reload the page in the browser. Click the buttons to make sure their IDs and labels are displayed in the message div.
  6. Create Loader.js.
  7. Optional: Include a CSS file to add some formatting to the page, such as centering the elements (text-align and margin are used for this.)
  8. Archive your files. E.g.:
    tar -czvf Gameplay_1_MyName.tgz files
    (Please do not include jquery.js or modernizr.js files in the archive. Links are OK.)
    E-mail the archive to the instructor.