Gameplay in HTML5: Homework #2

Web Application Framework

You will begin building your version of this course's game, FreeCell. You may find the Wikipedia article helpful, and there are several open-source and commercial versions available online that you may want to study.

  1. Create a project directory (called FreeCell, maybe) and add links to modernizr.js and jquery.js, as you did for the first assignment.
  2. Optional, but recommended: set up version control for this project. For Git, just run git init in the directory. This will allow you to create branches for experimental work, to keep a record of your progress, and to backtrack to an earlier version if necessary. After this, just run git status, git add <file>, and git commit regularly. (Don't forget to back up your hard drive periodically, too.)
  3. Create index.html, the HTML for the Web app. In this:
  4. Create Loader.js, in which you use Modernizr to load jQuery and your own JavaScript files.
  5. Choose one or more Web fonts (from Google Web Fonts or elsewhere). Use the FontSquirrel @font-face Generator or another tool to generate at least WOFF and TTF formats of your font(s). Write the CSS to make font-family(s).
  6. Create HTML elements and styling for your splash screen. (You may include images if you wish, but also play with text styling.)
  7. Write JavaScript (and CSS) to switch between your screen divs, and also to run code for each screen.
  8. Write JavaScript to allow the user to click through your splash screen to the main menu.
  9. Write the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a main menu that includes menu items for going to the other screens. (Going back to the splash screen is not usually done.)
  10. Create JavaScript for the remaining screens with enough code (and HTML elements) to allow the user to return to the main menu.
  11. Put at least your name on the About screen. (Give yourself some credit.)
  12. Archive your files. E.g.:
    tar -czvf Gameplay_2_MyName.tgz files
    (Please do not include jquery.js or modernizr.js files in the archive. Links are OK.)
    E-mail the archive to the instructor.