Gameplay in HTML5: Homework #9

Storage and Polishing

  1. Create a Storage.js library module with some routines for saving and retrieving data from localStorage. Include, at least, methods for
  2. Modify your Settings screen to allow users to specify their preferences. Provide an option to turn sound on or off. Provide at least one other option of your choosing. (It may or may not be related to sound.) Save these settings and read them when the next session of the game starts.
  3. Spend the rest of your free time polishing and debugging your game to the point where it is fully playable and fairly presentable. If you want to add some extra features, feel free, but that is entirely optional.
  4. Archive your files. E.g.:
    tar -czvf Gameplay_9_MyName.tgz directory
    (Please do not include jquery.js or modernizr.js files in the archive. Links are OK.)
    E-mail the archive to the instructor.